What forms of payment do you accept?

If you are a first time customer, we currently only accept payment in the forms of Paypal and credit cards. This ensures that we are not sending our independent escorts into a bogus or unsafe situation. This upfront fee is for our referral and helps us gain loyalty with the ladies. We will have the option for accepting bitcoins here soon. We do not accept checks.

What if I do not like the lady once she gets here?

Atlanta Escort Service really haven’t had those issues before since we do everything in our power to make booking a girl so easy. Every girl has detailed listings and we always encourage you to get a hold of us if you can not decide. We like to refer you out a lady of your preferences and that you will click with personality wise for the best experience.

In case the problem does arrive, where you do not click with the girl or find her to your satisfaction, we ask you to turn her away gently. You can say that you had something come up and unfortunately you have to cancel. We will refer you out another girl more to your liking at no additional fee of course.

How come some of your girls do not show their faces? I would like to see their faces first before booking.

We understand that you would feel better about seeing their faces before booking a girl out to you. Here at Atlanta Escort Service, we give the independent escorts the option to show what they like in their photos. They are independent contractors which means we will only advertise them as they see fit. Please understand, many of the independent escorts are just like you and would prefer to stay completely anonymous. A lot of these ladies go to school or have careers where they feel they it is in their best interest to remain anonymous. Please respect their wishes and understand that we can not and will not send you face pictures behind their backs. We are loyal to our independent contractors just as we are loyal to you. We want to ensure that their identities are safe just as much as we want to ensure yours.

Rest assure, we only hire fit, beautiful ladies for you. We sift through many ladies and only choose a select few. You can feel positive that the girls will have a clear complexion, nice hygiene, and well kept maintenance. We have a looks guarantee policy that covers this instance. If for some reason you are not happy with the girl, we will send out another more suited to your tastes.

This is my first time seeing anyone, what should I expect?

Your first time sure can be stressful. We understand the anxiety it can cause and love working with new people. That is why we have made our website as easy and detailed as possible. You can click on the pictures of the ladies to find more detailed descriptions and see more pictures. Once you have come across the escort of your choice, you can book an appointment right there on her page without having to even speak with anyone. Of course if you would rather, you could call us or contact us with any questions. We will be more than happy to help you choose a lady that will ensure you feel comfortable during your meeting.

Once the appointment is set, you may get a notification if you so choose to remind you of your appointment if you scheduled a head of time. The escort of your choice will show up to your location when she was scheduled too. She will make the proper introductions once she arrives. The escort will be sure to make you relax the instant she gets there.

How much does it cost?

It really differs to the service of your choice. Not all forms of entertainment cost the same. The escorts services and prices are listed on their pages. We do require an upfront percentage of the payment before sending anyone out. This is to ensure the safety and reliability of the appointment for the girls. The remainder of the payment will be collected when the independent escort has arrived. Here is a detailed list of services and fees.

Private Escorts: $150

Companion Date: $75

Exotic Dancer: $100

Fantasy Maid: $50

Domination and Fetishes: $100

How extensive is your screening process?

First and foremost, we want to ensure the escorts safety. We also understand your need of discretion. That is why we ask you to show the escort a photo i.d. when your escort arrives.

The only questions we ask during your booking is your real name, location of the appointment, phone number to contact you (in case there is a particular reason we need to call or if you asked for a check in call), and the date and time of your appointment. If you are at a hotel, all we require is the hotel, the hotel room, and the name of the registered guest.

If you have booked in advance and will be staying at a hotel, you will need to contact us at least a couple hours in advance with the room number, your real name (hotels require that to connect us to the room), and of course your hotel room. We will call to confirm at least an hour in advance.

We will never call your work place or do any other checks that would not be discreet. We just gather the information needed for the appointment.