Atlanta Escort Service has been doing business since 2004. We provide independent escorts in Atlanta, Georgia. Each independent contractor is chosen to work with us for her intellect, beauty, personality and charm. You will be satisfied with your companion since she will be the complete package. Our motto is, “We do not just offer a service, but an experience to remember.”

Atlanta Escort Service Likes To Keep Things Strictly Confidential

We strive to do our best by you. That being said, we like discretion of our clients and of the girls we work with. No personal information is ever shared and each user agrees when using this site and services, they have agreed to complete confidentiality.

We appreciate our customers. We understand that it is you that keep us in business. That is why we aim to make you happy and keep coming back. We built this business on the basis of loyalty and safety for our clients and the girls. Each lady we work with has to sign a legal confidentiality contract stating that she can not speak of any work related information outside of work. It states that any private information shared, be it sessions or personal information will result in termination and/or lawsuit as we see fit. This provides a safety net for our clients and the other independent contractors. By using our site and services, you agree to abide by our contract too. We want to make sure everyone is safe.

Atlanta Escort Service cares about you and your experience

We strive to make and keep you satisfied to the best of our ability. We love to hear from you. This is why we have provided multiple ways for you to contact us to let us know how we are doing or to help resolve any issues that may occur. We would love to hear your feedback for anything. We would love feedback/suggestions about our website, the independent contractors, and any other feedback/suggestions you would like to provide. We don’t mind you contacting us just to say hello. No matter your reason, please feel free to get in contact us through phone, email, live chat or our feedback bar.

The independent escorts deserve some recognition. Each of the ladies has a review section on their personal page. There are also other places out there to give reviews as well that will make them just as happy. Please take the time out of your busy schedule to give the beauty you see a review. It makes them feel really good to have your feedback and they will appreciate it. We also like to hear what you have to say regarding who we work with. You can always go the extra mile and give us a call too.

A Little About How Atlanta Escort Service Came To Be

In 2002, we actually started out in the industry working for other companies. We realized that during those experiences with other companies that we had a vision for our own. So we decided to open our doors for our first venture in 2004 with the insight focused on our clients and the girls that we work for. We believe by focusing on the safety and satisfaction of our clients and the independent contractors, we prosper as a business. We are very trustworthy and loyal which in turn usually brings us loyalty. By placing our clients and contractors first, our business prospers and make everyone happy. If everyone is happy, we are happy. Focus on our referral comes last. Over the years, we realized that by following those standards, we not only prospered as a business, but brought us even more business.

We have a process for the girls to go through to see if working for them would fit with our business. If they do not hold the same frame of mind as us, we will not work for them. Same goes for our clients, if we feel that the clients do not fit in a certain criteria, we will not do business with them. We appreciate our sub-contractors as much as we do our clients. This works for the clients in ways you can not imagine. We like to keep sub-contractors happy and safe so that they will go out with positive and relaxed attitudes which in turn, keep our clients happy.

We like to run a tight ship so everything goes smooth. We aim to make people have fun and be happy. Atlanta Escort Service wants to see smiles and keep them there. Psychology suggests that people seem to not place as much focus on what really makes makes them happy. With the high stress, technology, and constant prodding of commercial marketing, people keep stress and lose focus on what makes them happy. Atlanta Escort Service wants to keep the focus of relaxing, having fun, and bringing smiles. Good gestures and positive outlooks may be hard to come by some days, but spreads when it is given. We thrive on these to make you have a better day so you can in turn, share a smile with others.

Phone Number: (770) 368-6169

Email: Contact@AtlantaEscortService.com
Or use our live chat and feedback bar.

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